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“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.” ― Lou Holtz



Our Search Process

At Smart Search, we established our standardized approach and search processes to ensure we exceed our clients’ expectations by:

Search Strategy

Working together with our clients, we evaluate the situation and determine a search strategy for finding the most suitable candidate. Important to this process is a clear understanding of the client’s industry-specific needs, organization, corporate culture, value, working environment, the position responsibilities and necessary behavioral characteristics of candidate.

Identify the most suitable

The next step is to conduct preliminary research for developing an initial candidate list. We contact, meet and assess a short list of potential candidates through telephone and face to face interviews. There is proven recognition that how a person does something predicts success better than what his or her qualifications. When interviewing candidates, our professional consultants steer away from narrative interviews that simply retrace a person’s achievements. Instead, professional consultants focus on the “how” questions, following our competency-based interviewing model. Answers to these questions can be windows into the individual’s behavioral characteristics, enabling sensitive judgment of the candidate’s ability to perform in the job and adapt to the client organization and culture. Further validation through extensive referencing is the final and crucial complement to the judgment made by our smart search professional consultants.

After potential candidates have been identified our Smart Search professional consultant prepare a confidential candidate assessment report, which is then presented to the client for review. When the client is ready to proceed, Smart Search professional consultant assist with interviews.

Search Completion and Follow-up

In the final stage of our process, we consult with our clients to review selected candidate and support the selection process. Smart Search frequently provides support in the negotiations between the client and candidate. Even after the position is filled, we conduct ongoing follow-up to ensure a mutual “fit” with both client and candidate to landed fruitful employment.  In the war for talent, a skilled and insightful approach to closing a search can make the difference between success and failure. Since our professional consultants invest in the relationship with candidates through every step of the search process, they are better able to monitor and address concerns about the job or the practical and personal aspects of transitioning as they arise, minimizing barriers to closure at the final stage of a search.

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